I can be found working on whimsical pilots and spec scripts in between Law & Order SVU marathons and besting my own smoothie recipes. I want to be the neurotic class clown in your television writers room and publish insane books that will confuse my grandmother-in-law. I've also written a few plays and ghostwritten some nutrition blogs, so I'm doing okay. Are you a producer/showrunner looking for my writing CV? Because it's right here.

My feature screenplay Let’s Do This, co-written with Chris Vandenberg, was recently awarded script funding from the Harold Greenberg Fund and has been optioned. I’ve written for children’s tv, development rooms, and have a number of shorts and features in development.

I'm also the writer & co-creator of several comedic series including #interns (Supes Legit Productions), Yoga 101 (CBC Comedy) and The Totally Normal Cooking Show and Swings (with Christian Smith & Kevin Vidal) which are currently in development. On the internet I mostly write satire with a feminist slant.


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